5 Easy Garden Design Hacks That You Can Do Today

5 Easy Garden Design Hacks That You Can Do Today

5 Easy Garden Design Hacks That You Can Do Today

Beautifying and making a garden more personalized is a constant homeownership challenge. Homeowners are happy to put a lot of effort into their gardens and for good reason. A good-looking garden has a nice feeling to it and can become the ideal place for relaxation.

You can use your garden to just sit back and disconnect from the fast-paced always-in-a-rush world. Also, a garden gives you the perfect setting for a nice family afternoon you don’t want to miss. Seeing how brilliant it can be to have a nice garden, here are 5 cool design tricks that you can do today to your garden. 

Run for the Fences

Although often overlooked, fences and walls have a large impact on the way any garden looks. Think about it, a fence or a wall is a straight standing and decently tall structure that will always be in your field of vision. And, an unkempt fence will cast a bad shadow on your garden. But luckily, fences or boundary walls can be made to look beautiful quite easily.

For most people- especially if you have wooden fences instead of concrete walls- a few cans of paint plus a Sunday afternoon are all you need to get that fence looking perfect. You can go for all kinds of colours and decorations and you have a lot of options as well.

You can opt for a vibrant theme and get bright in-your-face type colours. If you want to stay trendy, a minimalist shade of grey is never a bad choice either. Or, you can recreate a rustic beach like theme with brown stained wood fences and designer halogen bulbs.

Fake Grass

With gardens that are more ‘built up’, have multiple levels and have had quite a large concrete injection, laying down artificial grass can help you create a new spark. Using patches of well-cut artificial grass can help you fill in what would otherwise be a group of bland concrete slabs.

Visually, this hack can help you make your garden look more pleasing. However, even more important than that your garden will just feel more intricate. The idea of green patches popping up here and there feels edgy and cool. 

Give it a Clean

One of the easiest ways hacks to instantly make your garden appear much better is to give it a good clean. More specifically, give your stone and concrete slabs in the walkways a nice cleaning. Stones and concrete attract a lot of dirt. Within a few months of use, it is unsurprising to find them a few shades darker and a lot dirtier.

Hire a professional, or even better hire a pressure washer from your local part store and clean up yourself. Not only will you get brilliant results that will brighten up your garden, simple watching layers of dirt just wash away has to be one of the most satisfying things ever. 

5 Easy Garden Design Hacks That You Can Do Today

Play with Colours

Another easy way of injecting some character into your garden is by playing with colours. In most modern homes, people try to coordinate a theme and certain solid colours like a shade of white or grey to maintain what is effectively the ‘modern aesthetic’. And there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, we encourage you to do this as in the current world, your garden will benefit from this.

One place where we do recommend you to let loose however is your flower selection. Try to get as many different coloured flower plants as you can and fill your garden up with banks of exquisite shades of purples, a flock of blue and a sprinkling of oranges and reds. 

Get Creative with the Pots

A common complaint many people tend to have is that flower pots are obscenely expensive. This is often discouraging and puts people off. But you don’t need to face this problem. You just need to be creative. For pots, you can use old glass jars and pots.

This way, you can save a lot of money. More importantly, you will be able to create a rustic, unfinished and super personalized feel. Now, you can relate to every single pot and plant much better which will only help you have a better time. 


Designing your garden is always less of a chore and more of a hobby. A great garden is the best place to step out of life’s frenzy and calm down. And as with anything that requires some level of effort, in today’s world there are hacks.

When it comes to designing your ideal garden, there are many hacks but, one thing to remember is that the biggest hack is your imagination. Let your imagination loose and paint the picture you would like to be a part of.