Garden Services

Garden service

We take pride in customizing our garden services to meet the needs and budgets of each customer. We believe in investing in every aspect of our business-to-customer relationship. Our company provides a full and comprehensive service in irrigation, landscape, maintenance, and professional tree care management.

Our Garden Services Overview

Dundrum Paving have a team of highly-trained specialists who have the expertise and experience to understand your needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs.  Our services include:

Garden Construction

Whatever your garden requires, our company can do it for you. Our team of highly skilled and specialist workers can undertake any kind of garden projects such as decking, fencing, concrete work, decorative walling, garden clearance, new lawn set, turf lawn, artificial grass, and stone cladding.

Tree planting or tree surgery

There are different ways to tend to a tree including preserving the life of a tree, strengthening the tree’s defences in harsh weather, and improving overall tree health. This includes: crown thinning, crown reduction, crown raising, and dead-wooding tree services.

Professional Tree Care Management

Both young and old trees need to both be pruned to grow proper canopies and to establish permanent structural branches which will make them less vulnerable to pests, diseases, and storm damage. Since trees are forever growing, it is important to establish a program of yearly maintenance.

This includes; tree pruning, tree disease diagnosis, consulting, storm cleanup and removal, stump grinding, treatment, and tree replacements.

Garden Renovation

Most of us have a garden that already has some shape and character to it that may be completely overgrown or may no longer suit your taste or requirements. Our company can help you with creating a garden that will suit your taste.

Why Dundrum

Dundrum Paving is a company that is committed to providing superior customer service, quality work, and attention to detail. We are a trusted and professional company with a great reputation to uphold for more than several years in the industry. Our team of garden professionals has over 40 years of experience in garden-related work of all types.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Service

We assure you that we have all the necessary knowledge and the right people to provide you with the best service you’ll need.

5 Things to look for when hiring a service

FAQs about our service

We are cashless. When you book online we will provide you with a quote, and request your card details, and collect payment.

The great thing about our quoting process is that it gives our customers the control to self-assess the work they need done and dictate the number of hours they would like to hire two gardeners, our customers are spot on with their time estimations.
When we arrive at your residence we then will do a complete Job Assessment which will confirm the following – your time estimate is accurate or; your time estimate is not accurate. If your time estimate is accurate we will complete works as agreed. If we indicate to you that more time is required, we will do this before the commencement of your service 

No, it’s totally up to you. The majority of our customers are not home while our gardeners are working their magic but they’re equally comfortable with you being there. If you need to brief our gardeners with very specific instructions then we do recommend you being there if this is your first session.

Each garden services session has a 2-hour minimum with 2 gardeners.

We do offer a flexible 30-minute variation to the original time, so if you have scheduled in 3 hours with us and the job takes 2.5 hours then you will only be charged 2.5 hours.