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Dundrum Paving are a long established Gravel company providing top quality gravel and decorative stone in Dublin and Wicklow. Dundrum Paving are gravel driveways specialist, with years of experience installing all different types of gravel driveways in Dublin and gravel driveways in Wexford.

A gravel driveway is a very popular choice as it can bring elegance and character to your home with its timeless look and gravel driveway can be designed to suit all budgets and tastes.

With such a large selection of affordable gravel stone and edge kerbs available to us from our suppliers, we can be sure to design a gravel driveway to suit your needs and style and also to compliment your home.

A gravel driveway is just one use for gravel products. Gravel can be used around a patio area or on a footpath to give a unique look to your back garden. All types of gravel and designs can be discussed during you’re FREE estimate and design.

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All of Dundrum Paving’s gravel driveway projects are excavated to a correct depth and fitted with mypex weed preventative fabric and a suitable amount of 804 base stone which is thoroughly compacted,after this a layer of fine dust is layed and compacted followed by the gravel which is spread on top. All of our gravel driveways come with a fully underwritten guarantee.

Dundrum Paving offers a FREE estimate and design service to all of our Dublin gravel driveway and Wicklow gravel driveway customers, We can provide a large range of gravel and edging kerb samples to choose from FREE of charge during you’re estimate and design. We are your gravel driveways contractor of choice for Dublin and Wicklow.

Gravel Driveway Contractors Dublin and Wicklow

The staff at Dundrum Paving company are all fully trained and highly skilled in installing all types of gravel driveways and gravel patios. We aim to provide an excellent service at minimal fuss with a very cost effective price. We are safe pass certified and have full public liability.
To arrange You’re FREE estimate and design from Dundrum Paving, get in touch with us 7 days a week.


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