Limestone Paving

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Limestone Paving

Dundrum Paving provides high quality, long-lasting limestone paving solutions at an affordable price. We are known for affordable customized paving solutions for commercial and industrial businesses and property developments. We are a prominent and comprehensive limestone contractor that is committed to serving in Dublin including commercial markets, educational institutions, and medical facilities. We leverage the latest paving technologies, yielding results that are smooth, safe, and reliable. Our team plays a committed, consultative role during the entire project, employing seasoned methods that ensure completion on-time and within budget. Unlike other pavers, the color and composition will stay cool to the touch in the summer sun.

Our Limestone Paving Overview

We offer comprehensive paving, repairs, and maintenance for a wide range of industries. We continue to build on our prominent reputation for quality workmanship by combining affordable pricing with the latest paving technologies, we have quickly grown to become a leading, go-to contractor in Dublin. Whether you have a limestone pavement that requires repairs, overhauls, maintenance, or new construction, we can handle any size, shape, or topography. Dundrum Paving offers both residential and commercial institutions with aesthetically pleasing, high-quality pavement. We leverage innovative equipment, veteran expertise, and disciplined project management to tackle any paving project, all completed on-time and within budget. Our services include;

  • Patching and Pothole repairs
  • Overlay and Resurfacing
  • Expansion and New Paving
  • Reclamation and Repaving

Our stone available in;

  • Small Format
  • Plank
  • Slab


Finishes can add drama and sophistication to your stone project. Each with a distinct look and feel, combined with the unique natural beauty of limestone. Our sample finishes include;

  • Bush Hammer
  • Sandblast or Abrasive
  • Wire Brush

Limestone Paving Available in Four Colors;

  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Full-Color Blend


  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Pool

We recommend the bright yellow limestone for small patio or driveway areas as it gives the effect of making the area look bigger. Grey Color is ideal for both and large patios and driveway areas. Meanwhile, the black color we recommend in larger patios and driveways as it can make small areas look smaller. Limestone paving is available in mixed sized patio pack or individual sizes.

Why Dundrum Paving

We serve beyond paving contracting, managing every aspect of the project lifecycle to maintain the highest quality possible. Backed with our successful 40 years track record, we can offer consultative expertise in limestone paving surface technologies. All of our work is performed according to industry standards and supported by our highly assured warranty. We will always align your project requirements with our operations to maximize your return on investment. We work with all of our customers, regardless of size and complexities to find the most cost-effective limestone paving option for their needs. Our paving crews and project manager will get the job done right and on schedule to meet your needs.

Benefits of Hiring Us

We developed reliable, state-of-the-art methods for parking lots at a competitive price, ensuring long-lasting limestone surfaces for various businesses and organizations. From simple crack and joint sealing to overall construction, we can execute our services without the risk to compromise anything. We have a team of trusted professionals who work on fast and detailed proposals and secure exceptional insurance for our customers. We are properly equipped for reliable, turnkey services in paving construction. As a result, we can ensure end-to-end project completion at an affordable price. In installing the stone, it is essential to install it correctly to ensure a long-lasting result. Here at Dundrum Paving, we lay and joint our natural stone with wet sand and cement mortar to give the best result possible.

5 Things to look for when hiring Limestone Paving Service

FAQs about our service

It is not recommended that you polish limestone as it will lose its natural texture and become prone to stains and marks

It depends. People use a lot of acidic household products which will stain and damage limestone pavers. Even if the limestone is protected by a sealing product it will still accumulate damage.

Etching can cause a chemical reaction between acid and limestone. Acid can remove its polish and affect its finishing stripping it off all its natural texture.

Yes, they are. They can hold enormous amounts of water.

Most commonly limestone pavers are crushed into small particles blended with sand. The mixture is then laid out before pavers can then be laid.