5 Unique Landscape Design Ideas For Your Garden

5 Unique Landscape Design Ideas For Your Garden


Gardens, for many, are a clinical must have in any home they live in. And this feeling of ‘must have’ is well justified as well. Gardens provide a source of relief as they act as a casual hangout spot where you can sit down, get away from the world and the internet and have some peace. Gardens are a great place to have some true family time as well- which is important in our quick paced life where the amount of time even the smallest of families spend together is increasingly, and also worryingly, diminishing. 

Landscaping a garden properly can make it both look and feel beautiful. But landscaping is easier said than done. The thought of making such a prominent and exposed part of a house look beautiful can often stress people out. Also, in general, landscaping has a lot of options and potential, and the variety can be intimidating. Here are 5 design ideas to landscape your garden.

Pave the way

Play around with the colours

One of the more rudimentary ideas of landscaping and garden beautification is playing around with the colours. For your garden- depending on your particular choices- you can decide to go vibrant or have a monotone colour palette. A vibrant range of warmish colours from all kinds of unique flowers can make a garden feel lively and exciting whilst a more monotone approach can have a modern and contemporary look to it. Also, depending on the colour, a monotonous scheme can be soothing a relaxing- one prime example is the famous ‘cherry blossoms’ of Japan which are visually very calming. Cooler colours too have their own effects of the mood. Cool purples and blues have a more settled down aura to them and can be the perfect backdrop to a light evening drizzle.

Maintain an aesthetic

If you are building a garden in 2021, one of your primary goals will be to have a modern look to it. And to do this you must follow some simple steps instructed by experts. 

Step number 1 is simplicity. The modern, minimalistic, and contemporary look is all about simplicity. On your patio or in your garden space, avoid having too much stuff and cluttering it. Less is more. Have a resting area, have some furniture and other items you need, but do not impulse buy items and just chuck them into your garden. You want to create a spacious, clean, and open feeling area. 

Step number 2 is maintaining a material theme. Maintaining a theme is crucial in making a beautiful garden area. When choosing materials, try to use a single style for all your furniture. And also, for your patio, remember to choose something that is either similar or complimentary to your garden furniture. In terms of shapes as well, you need to stay consistent. Avoid mismatching and have one general shape for all the prominent items.

Whilst the modern look is the rave, you might have different choice and want to have a cosier setting. For this you can go down the classic route. Have a roofed patio made from hand cut and stained wood. Get some lights and attach them yourself. The overall sense of ‘handmade’ and ‘self-done’ will help create a cosy feeling.

Pave the way

Although this idea can be frowned upon simply because how basic the idea of pavements is, the best modern gardens are actually the ones that have cool pavements. As the general idea of a garden shifts from just a flat unified piece of land to a more complex area with dedicated sections, the need for walkways have increased. As such, designers and homeowners have now come up with innovative ideas for pavements. A pavement now doesn’t need to be a simple strip that connects two points. It can be a statement. There is a vast selection list from which you can select unique and artistic designs and materials to make a pavement a critical part of the overall looks of a garden.

Use the natural landscape

A piece of land is rarely completely flat. The earth has natural curves and undulations in it. And one cool trick to create a unique garden design is to respect the natural shape of the land. You can have slanted grassy steps for the path that leads from the flattened down part up-close to your house to the main garden area. Or you can adapt to the curvatures of the land and extend large tree planting areas making it seem like there is something bulging out for underneath your garden or making it seem like the planting areas and spawning from that little hill situation you have in your land.


If you don’t mind a more constructed scheme, and don’t a natural look as a primary requirement then you can also try out a more ‘levelled’ garden. Have different levels with stairs for different section of the garden. This can be a unique way to create something different as not many people take this approach.


Landscaping a garden comes down to personal choices. What do you want? How do you want to feel in the garden? What will you use it for? Is it more of a statement piece than anything else? – these are the questions you need to answer. And from there, the vast array of options will enable you to do anything you want and create any design that pleases you.