Landscape Your Home’s Exterior To Match The Style Of Your House

Landscape Your Homes Exterior To Match The Style Of Your House

It’s always best to landscape your home’s exterior to match the style of your house. It’s important to remember that every project is going to have a different type of budget. A lot of homeowners don’t have a green thumb, so they want plants that require less care and upkeep. If you give up on budget entirely, then you’re going to be stuck with a whole bunch of plants you can’t take care of. It’s all about finding a happy medium, and you don’t have to do too much research before figuring out what that means for you.Here are four ways to landscape your homes exterior

Landscape Your Home's Exterior

Formal English Garden

If you want something that is going to look like it could be in the English countryside, then this is probably one of the best options for you. This style of landscaping will take some work and money, but it looks absolutely gorgeous.

If there was ever anything in classic style, this would probably be it. It also requires very little maintenance and care because most plants don’t require a lot in order to flourish in their environment. For example, boxwoods with formal borders can add instant definition to any property. There are other options like hostas and hydrangea that add a lot of color, but don’t require too much attention in order to stay healthy.

Tropical Paradise

A tropical paradise would be an excellent addition to a landscape design where you have a free-flowing waterfall or pond. This would complement what you already have going for your landscaping.

The heat from the sun can be intense, so people will usually plant eucalyptus trees close together just to provide shade from their substantial canopy. Make sure that when planting pots with ornamental grasses that they’re far enough away from where people walk so you don’t get poked by their sharp edges or spiky flowers.

Casual Zen Garden

If you like the idea of a formal English garden but don’t want to go through the effort and cost, then trying your hand at a casual zen garden is definitely an option worth considering. There’s something incredibly tranquil about this style that makes it very appealing to a lot of people.

The trickiest part will be figuring out how you’re going to incorporate a koi pond into your design in order to give it that modern Asian feel. Since space isn’t usually an issue when it comes to landscape design, you should bring all the elements together so it feels complete and cohesive from start to finish. If you have a long driveway leading up to your property, adding some rock formations along the way can help keep people calm and relaxed as they approach your home.

Countryside Mixture

Why not choose something with a country feel if you’re looking for something traditional? This means having some grass areas along with shrub placements where there is more shade or protection from the elements. You can plant wildflowers in between all of these so they pop out when in season.

Also consider adding perennials, which are either plants that come back year after year or flowers that last longer than one growing season. If you want to go really old-fashioned, then adding some lavender around your property will definitely give it that rustic look that adds charm and character at the same time.

It’s Time To Take The Next Step

The more work you put into landscaping your property, the better everything will look. Getting the right plants at the beginning of your project is crucial because they’ll help determine how it evolves over time. If you didn’t like what was around before, then hopefully these four landscape design options will give you some inspiration for taking your next steps towards improving your home’s exterior.