Contemporary Garden Design

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Contemporary Garden Design

Dundrum Paving is an innovative and contemporary garden design company, developing a broad-based spectrum of residential and commercial projects across the capital, throughout Ireland, and further afield. Our work is characterized by strong use of geometry that lends a contemporary underlying structure to the garden. Planting is key and the use of plants with a naturalistic feel creates a soft contrast to the clean lines in our designs. We specialized in designing contemporary style gardens for homes of people of all sizes living across the area. We are dedicated to creating stunning, life-enhancing contemporary garden designs and landscaped gardens for our clients. We use the most advanced methods in contemporary garden design to ensure each design meets the needs of our clients.

Our Contemporary Garden Design Overview Offered

We offer a complete, flexible garden design consultancy from the creation of design drawings, technical drawings, and written specifications, overseeing construction, plant supply, and planting, furniture selection, and garden styling. Throughout the process, we are on hand to oversee and guide the project. To implement our designs we work efficiently ensuring the highest levels of construction and timely completion of your project. Each garden we create is bespoke and the design process can include;

  • Initial design consultation
  • Site survey and analysis
  • Concept Design and drawings
  • Presentation Design
  • Planting Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Detailed construction drawings and written specification for tender
  • Landscaper appointment
  • Construction Supervision
  • Plant Supply and Planting
  • Furniture supply and garden styling

Some of the garden design we offer to include;

  • Town Gardens
  • Private Gardens
  • One-off Centerpieces
  • Outdoor Living
  • Low-maintenance Garden
  • Courtyard Garden

Contemporary Garden Design Process

A certain project sometimes involves a lengthy construction phase when outdoor use is deferred in dust and noise. It is often confusing due to an endless range of choices. We advise a quick tour of our client’s house to gain an insight into their contemporary style as we believe that this can work wonders in helping choose the very best garden design ideas. After the initial consultation, we will send garden design proposals, which relate to your style, needs, and investment expectation. We also include a full site survey and topography survey, which sets out the scale and potential scope for the garden design. We then spent sketching out ideas and concepts, then we send a draft of the concept to ensure we are meeting your expectations and iron out any issues that may be relevant. This makes the design process interactive and ensures we deliver a design that you’ll love. We then proceed in creating a 3-D concept image allowing you to see the design from a different perspective. Following a site survey and soil tests being carried out, designs are produced using a select range of plants specifically suited to the personal requirements, location, and site conditions. Finally, we create a planting plan, plant supply, and planting, and plant maintenance schedule, we also supply detailed construction schematics.


Planting Plans

Plans show the exact location, size, and quantity of plants used in the scheme, it is accompanied by 3-D models to help our clients visualize their planting palette.


Plant Supply and Planting

We work with a team of professional horticulturalists, designers, and building specialists to implement our planting designs. All plants are sourced and selected from specialist regional nurseries.


Plant Maintenance Schedule

We can provide online garden maintenance packages individually tailored to include the full list of plants in the garden with specific maintenance requirements and care information.

Why Dundrum Paving

Over the past 40 years, Dundrum Paving is an excellent reflection of new fashions and how we live our modern lives. We can produce contemporary garden design solutions that are tailored to each individual’s lifestyle and individual requirements by working closely with our clients, listening to their needs, ideas, and aspirations. Establishing our client’s style and which colors, shapes, and themes they are looking to achieve. Creating a garden design underscored by a contemporary innovative approach to planting, detail, and architectural design which results in creating unique and personal garden design and build projects.


Benefits of Hiring Us

We are renowned within the industry for creating beautiful, well-constructed gardens optimally managed within time and budget. Dundrum Paving has built up an excellent reputation for the last 40 years for award-winning garden design and landscape consultancy. Our portfolio ranges from relaxed country gardens to bold urban spaces, each approached with a creative sensibility and passion for design and horticulture. Whether you have a large rural garden or a more intimate space we have the specialist knowledge to make your garden the perfect extension to your home. A garden design project commences with a detailed consultation on-site to learn about a client’s brief, discuss logistics, and appraise the location to form a cohesive vision. We have a chief design that defines a home’s unique exterior potential and recommends a well-balanced strategy, while an in-house team implements the entire project from start to finish with an easy going personal approach. Our methods are continually developed blending modern aesthetics, natural and eco-friendly principles.

5 Things to look for when hiring a Contemporary Garden Design Service

FAQs about our service

This can vary enormously depending upon how fast the clients wants to go and what time of year.

Our designers have professional qualifications in garden design and other aspects of gardening which they can show you. We do our best to listen to you very carefully and respond to what you want rather than trying to impose our ideas on you.

Yes, we provide free no-obligation quotes.

We don’t ask for any money upfront. A stage payment plan will be agreed upon before we start any work.

We accept bank transfer, credit, and debit card payment, and cash.