Garden Design Ideas For Small Houses

Garden Design Ideas For Small Houses

Flowers and plants are considered to be the symbol of purity. It brings positive aura, even cleanses the air. Some people have the hobby of gardening, others do it to make the house more nature oriented and beautiful. But beyond aesthetic value, gardening can also be relaxing and teach responsibility. 

Given the benefits of flowers and plants, gardening should not be limited to big houses with wide open outdoors only. Let’s try some creative ideas to make a small house more gardening friendly and welcoming to others. 

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How tough it is to design a garden for a small house?

By the time we centralized ourself into living in small apartments, places for garden plants also got shrink. But you don’t need to give up on your hobby to make your place a little more beautiful by gardens and forget about all those designs you had in mind. You just need some imagination and get creative with maximizing the space available to you.

Space saving ideas

Where do you want to make your own garden? In your small backyard, front-door space or the small balcony you have? Just keep in mind, you need not to put a lot of plants to make your garden beautiful. Try to make some space for few plants which will be able to host more plants in itself. Statement pot plants and climbing vines, are all perfect for saving space even in the smallest yard. Don’t be afraid to include moderate sized or columnar trees to achieve the appropriate scale.

Try vertical

Aside from being totally eye catchy, a vertical garden is very much convenient gardening option if don’t have much space for it. Vertical garden which can grow indoors or out with a light-colored wall, is an amazing way to bring walls to life. 

Thus, you get a colorful garden without even taking up space. It’s easy to create, suitable for areas of any size and most importantly, it makes your house more aesthetic. There are many ready-made vertical gardens you can buy from nurseries. Alternatively, you can create by yourself using items like vase, ropes and plants etc. Focus on high-value trees, shrubs, and perennials that offer multiple seasons of interest with attractive leaves and seasonal flowers.

Growing vines can be a good choice to put in a vertical garden. Wisteria and Trumpet Creeper are popular vines that have beautiful flowers with lush, green leaves and also, they grow fast. Look for rectangular, oval or elliptical shapes of vase that can sit closer to a wall or hang in the railing.

For small backyard

When it comes to decorate and beautify a small backyard, space should not be a limitation, right? Backyard’s are good place for landscape gardening. Think of a theme, and make a budget. This should be prioritized before planning. To make the most of your small space, chose items that serve more than one purpose. For example, try vegetable plants for backyards. This will give you fresh food source as well. Use benches that double up as a storage box to store garden equipment. Alter the perspective by turning the patio, planting beds to line up with the diagonal axis, creating the illusion of a much larger space. Try hanging plants. This will save you some space for a little walk in your garden. As they say, ‘Think outside the Garden’.

Use screening plants

Quick fun fact. Did you know, bamboos are the largest variety of grass? Well, you can add them in your garden plant list. It is the most famous screening plant which is widely used in landscape architecting as well. It will grow vertically so you’ll get some free horizontal space too. You can leave the bamboos bushy for screening or you can trim the leaves back to bear stems to allow more light into your garden area. 

Exterior using beautiful plants is a great plan when it comes to create your dream home. Plant a lush entry garden. It will add a dramatic and eye-catching feature as well.

Outdoors to free up space

Outdoor plants can help give extra space and introduce new textures. Parking place, or the front yard can be a good place to start. Plant in small vases made with soil. You can put a pergola with a transparent roof to provide shelter which will imbue the space with a conservatory feel. 

Rooftop Garden

Rooftop is one of the best places to create a beautiful garden. It has wide open space with the interaction of constant air flow. Create large garden beds filled with soft textural plants in all shades of greenness. The garden would feel larger than it actually is if you plant a hedge or a row of a similar plant.

Create yearly plans

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Not many plants for small gardens are capable of handling weathers of a full year. So, select plants that are able to withstand variety of conditions. Also, choose plants which have the ability to look fresh as much of the year as possible. This way, you won’t have to put much plants for different times of a year. Saves more place, right? 

When it comes to trees, choose small species that are able to be shaped and trimmed without compromising their form if they grow more and take too many spaces. Spend more time on soil improvement and check in for the moisture timely. 

The most important thing to remember while planning a garden for a small house is to utilize the light and air. Consider light at different times of a year or a day. 


Small places also have the potential to offer some beautiful insights. You just need some imaginative power and perfect elements to imply on those idea. Utilize everything you have. Walls, windows, front yard, backyard any place that has the right amount of access to light and air. 

Small gardens have more to offer than you can imagine. Whether dealing with a narrow space, broken backyard or lack of privacies, just with a right design, any place could be an amazing garden.